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 A business plan is a document drawn up for the purpose of focusing on and accomplishing the goal of creating a roadmap to action.


E.S.L. Economic Business Consulting under the leadership or Shirit Levy-Rosenbaum has extensive experience in preparing business plans for a wide range of sectors and for a variety of purposes and requirements.

Business Plans for Fund Raising

This type of business plan serves as a display window for the company.

A plan that tells an interesting and focused story generates the interest of investors and bankers, thereby promoting their investment in the company.

Business Plans for Internal Needs

This type of business plan defines the direction of development of the company. The current operations are examined in depth, future developments are carefully considered, and thus the most appropriate course of future developments for the company is determined. 

Business Plans for Mergers and  Acquisitions

 These are business plans that facilitate merger and acquisition processes. The sellers and/or purchasers receive a wide scale picture of the business emphasizing its latent potential.

Investor presentations

A good investors presentation in terms of content, data, and visually is emphasized the uniqueness of the company, thus enhances the chances of obtaining a first meeting with potential investors.

Special service of examining business plans for Start - Ups

E.S.L. Economic Business Consulting has developed an exclusive approach to providing solutions for the specific needs of companies at the beginning of the road.

Shirit Levy-Rosenbaum and her staff will be happy to be at your service regarding any question and to provide you with financial and business consulting in Israel and abroad.

Our Customers Say

"Shirit has changed the attitude to all the aspects of finance: of planning, of thinking ahead, of working according to budget, of implementing control mechanisms.

She listens attentively and with understanding and consideration, and gives advice on every management issue with patience, efficiency and in a good spirit."

Tamir Shemer, CEO, Mayan WaterTech

E.S.L. Economic Business Consulting

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