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Costing is a tool that bridges between the operational language and the financial language

Reliable costing helps the management to gain an accurate picture of the core operations of the business. This facilitates the taking of appropriate business decisions on a variety of issues such as analyzing product profitability, pricing, finding manufacturing bottle necks, fine tuning of R&D strategy so as to lead to an increase in profitability, and inventory valuation


The implementation of managerial costing involves a number of stages:

  • Characterizing the existing costing, examining management requirements, presenting recommendations for implementing managerial costing.

  • Presenting the findings and recommendations, taking decisions regarding changes to be adopted and the process of implementing them.

  • Implementing the changes in the company.

  • Ongoing costing maintenance in a manner that enables the preservation of the managerial costing's added values.


The managerial costing work is customized to the needs of the client and is adapted to the structure and complexity of the company.

Our Customers Say

"Shirit has changed the attitude to all the aspects of finance: of planning, of thinking ahead, of working according to budget, of implementing control mechanisms.

She listens attentively and with understanding and consideration, and gives advice on every management issue with patience, efficiency and in a good spirit."

Tamir Shemer, CEO, Mayan WaterTech

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