"Never stop until your good becomes better,

and your better becomes the best"

[Frank Zappa]

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E.S.L. Economic Business Consulting is a firm with an established reputation that specializes in business and economic consulting. The firm provides a wide range of professional services that are specially customized to meet each client’s unique requirements. The firm focuses on financial, economic, operational, and business consulting.


Our guiding principle is to provide practical, implementable solutions that are effective, comprehensive and target oriented. We thrive on solving the unique challenges that face each and every customer.

We know that time is of the essence and we will meet any deadline.


Our aim is to give added value to our clients and to maintain the highest standards of integrity, and responsibility.


The founder and driving spirit of E.S.L. Economic Business Consulting, Shirit Levy-Rosenbaum has more than 20 years of personal experience in senior management of market leading companies.​

"Shirit has changed the attitude to all the aspects of finance: of planning, of thinking ahead, of working according to budget, of implementing control mechanisms.

She listens attentively and with understanding and consideration, and gives advice on every management issue with patience, efficiency and in a good spirit."

Tamir Shemer, CEO, Mayan WaterTech

E.S.L. Economic Business Consulting

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