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Valuations constitute a significant tool for use in the taking of business and management decisions.

Various methods are used in the assessment of value, including the following; Discounted Cash Flow (DFC), Value Multipliers, Assets Value as well as other more complex methods.


Valuations are performed to meet a variety of needs and include among others the following:

  • Valuations of a company (private, family, public, etc.)

  • Valuations of operations of company departments

  • Valuations of partnerships and agreements

  • Valuations for the purposes of acquisition, sale, investment or merger of companies     

  • Valuations of economic damages for legal claims.

  • More..


The combination of different evaluation methods with a deep business understanding and the combination of Shirit Levy-Rosenbaum's extensive experience brings to an in-depth and accurate picture of the value of the business and it's potential.

Our Customers Say

"Shirit has changed the attitude to all the aspects of finance: of planning, of thinking ahead, of working according to budget, of implementing control mechanisms.

She listens attentively and with understanding and consideration, and gives advice on every management issue with patience, efficiency and in a good spirit."

Tamir Shemer, CEO, Mayan WaterTech

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